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Curt Cress

Curt Cress is a drummer, publisher, composer, producer, and entrepreneur. By his early 20s, he had become one of the most sought-after drummers and the world’s highest-paid studio drummer. Curt Cress played drums for many international top stars. As a musician, he has been awarded “Drummer of the Year” 15 times, earned numerous gold records, and recorded over 12,000 tracks on more than 400 million sold records. Today, Curt Cress leads a group of companies specializing in music and media and serves as a mentor for young drummers at the Hamburg University of Music “Hamburger Musikhochschule”.

Drum Talk – Live Dates

Curt Cress on Tour

Curt Cress takes you on a journey through 5 decades of music history during Drum Talk, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and entertaining you with music and thrilling stories of experiences and encounters with big stars – from Ike & Tina Turner to Udo Lindenberg.

“Curt Cress is among the most esteemed drummers in the world, a legend in his field.”
– Classic Rock